Governors Say Federal Mandates With Stumulus Money are “Over The Top”

Why were there tea parties?  Too many federal government demands on average citizens.  Why do banks want to return the “bailout” money?  Same reason.  Hey, The Feds fired the president of GM.  Who’s next?  The Obama White House even made Georgetown cover up Jesus……The current crowd of Federal Democrats are both arrogant and ill informed.  They won but they will meet God someday…..


In a look ahead to the 2009 and 2010 elections, Govs. Mark Sanford (R-SC) and Haley Barbour (R-MS) hammered the Obama administration for what they described as out-of-control taxing and spending.

In a conference call with reporters, both reacted to what Sanford called the “This way or no way” stimulus relief. Sanford, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, criticized the many federal mandates and called for a “military model” that “is all about giving local authority to local commanders because their eyes and ears are on the ground.”

By NBC’s Harry Enten and Jade Taenzler

Barbour, vice-chairman of the association added, “A lot of people who wanted a stimulus think that this is too much money.” He used the firing of General Motors President Rick Wagoner as an example of Obama going to the “extremes” on federal power.

While the Obama stimulus dominated the discussion, Barbour was quick to point out that “it is not just the stimulus that has people upset”. He called the administration’s cap-and-trade energy plan “the largest tax increase in American history” that will “fall primarily on the middle class and the poor.”

Sanford added that pocketbook issues are “bubbling up” and spoke about the associated costs with the health-care system Obama is proposing. Sanford said yesterday’s tea parties were a sign of “a growing consensus that says the Obama administration is out of bounds with regard to the spending it proposes.” He said Republicans should not ignore the tea parties. “It is in the best interest of Republicans… to talk about things that are important to the people they represent,” he said.

Barbour and Sanford said that by listening to grassroots, Republicans stood a good chance at winning the 2009 gubernatorial elections in both New Jersey and Virginia. Barbour said “people are cranked up… we have very high quality candidates… you see it in the grassroots… very, very upbeat.”

Sanford added, “These races are going to turn on policy.” In an effort to expand the implications of these races, he drew a parallel to 1993 when Christine Todd Whitman in New Jersey and George Allen in Virginia won the governor’s mansions back from Democrats because Sanford believed that President “Clinton overplayed his hand.” Republicans regained majorities in both houses of Congress and state houses a year later.

Barbour and Sanford trusted that Republicans in 2010 in Congress and on the state level would build upon victories in 2009. Sanford said Republicans were building “stronger state parties”, and the RNC agreed with the RGA “need to focus on only the elections in 2010” without looking too far ahead to 2012.

Barbour said that “governors as a whole and the congressional leadership” had the best relationship “since back in the 90s.” Barbour cleverly brought it back to the economy invoking the 1996 welfare reforms as an example of Republicans on the state and national level working together when a Democrat was in the White House. 

Reporters also asked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s suggestion that Texas could secede from the union. Barbour laughed off the question, asking whether the reporter meant that Perry wanted to “succeed” or “secede”.

Sanford brushed off the question as well, saying that it was a “tagline coming across the Drudge Report.” He continued, “[Perry] was talking about the 10th Amendment and very legitimate issues.” Sanford also said, once again invoking the economy, that Perry was responding to the “way that the federal government seems be jamming the states with a number of different mandates.”


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