Obama, Media Should Take Note Of Tea Parties, Not Ignore or Belittle

Despite his huge approval ratings and a congress that will give him anything including the nations largest spending bill ever without reading it; there are a few significant and troublesome signs for President Obama that need to be watched.

The Tea Party events of Tax Day April 15, 2009 are not at all insignificant.  When else have we seen perhaps 1,000 gatherings of conservatives coast to coast to draw attention to taxes and government spending?

When before have we seen (I mean, since 1861) what seems to be a serious governor making serious talk that his state doesn’t want to continue to be associated with this Union?

And when before have we seen the mainstream media so mentally disturbed about conservatives or in total denial and unable to cover the “news”?

When before have two Catholic Universities come under fire for their association with the President of the United States?  Notre Dame is feeling heat from the Catholic faithful and bishops for their invite to Obama to get an honorary degree and now Georgetown is hearing about its covering of the name of Jesus at an Obama event this week.

It isn’t just a discussion of abortion or taxes or spending any more.  The national dialogue is now about socialism, income redistribution, limiting wealth and trust in government.

Add trust of the media: which has disgraced itself in its fawning over the new president and by ignoring all else.

Obama The All Knowing, All Present is All Over The Media

Even military veterans, normally the last people on earth to criticize the government, are attacking a Department of Homeland Security report that lumped them in with terrorists (oh, we forgot, in the Obama Administration we can’t say “terrorist”).

North Korea is joyful that it has some of Obama’s attention and ditto Iran: but this may mean that some traditional U.S. friends are not entirely happy: like Israel.

Even the Mayor of Washington DC is on the other side of at least one Obama policy as he favors school vouchers for better education while Obama’s Education Department is cutting off funding.  No matter that Obama’s kids go to private and not public schools: Obama is barring the mostly poor black kids of DC from seeking a better education in non-public schools….

Despite taking the blame for many of the world’s ills like guns and drugs in Mexico and the state of affairs in Europe as well as the global economic mess, the bowing Obama still has some trouble spots to think about.  Like Sarkozy in France…..

He Ordered The Execution of Three Somali Teens But Iran and North Korea Get A Pass? Where’s Obama’s Backbone? 

Sarkozy Calls Barack Obama, His Ideas “Unoriginal, Unsubstantial and Overrated”

 Obama First President Ever To Shoot Three Juveniles in Head During “Negotiation”

 U.S. Didn’t Use All Assets To Monitor North Korean Missile

 Obama Hears From Mayor: We Want The Freedom to Better Educate our Youth

Ann Coulter: Leftist Media Childish Response to Tea Parties
Napolitano, Homeland Security Join Parts of the American Government That Can’t Be Trusted

DHS Labels Veterans and Those That Don’t Like Taxes “Dangerous,” But They Were All Over The Tea Parties
Georgetown Honors Obama, Not Jesus (There Can Only Be One Messiah….)

Last summer in Europe: the people were at his feet.  Now?

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Getty Images

Michelle Malkin:




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