Obama Already Running for Next Term As “Better Than Bush”

No matter what the news about Barack Obama, my liberal friends (I still have some) always respond, “Yes, but he’s better than Bush.”

Knowing this is so, Barack Obama’s handlers Like Rahm Emanuel will not soon stop the mantra, “Blame Bush.”

Bush is to blame for the Obama DHS hit job calling vererans dangerous right wing terrorists.

Bush created the Gitmo prison and water boarding — never mind that Obama may be looking for a replacement prison in Afghanistan.

Liberals Fear Obama Plans “Next Gitmo” Prison

The liberal response to that?

“Yes, but he’s better than Bush.”

We haven’t yet left Iraq and we are ramping up in Afghanistan?

“Yes, but he’s better than Bush.”

North Korea has pulled away from U.N. and IAEA nuclear restrictions and Iran boasts of even more nuclear capability?

Obama will negotiate.  Better than Bush.

The economy is a wreck: ask Bush why.

I keep hearing “Yes but….” and “Just ask Bush” a lot.  And I expect we’ll keep hearing that so long as their is no new Republican standard bearer to speak of….

There seems also to be an effort to control or at least FILL the media with the Obama message.  Plus an effort to bow to and say I’m sorry to everyone…..

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. It’s castro’s turn today….Photo: Getty Images

Michelle Malkin

 Rahm Emanuel Can Bring Down Obama

 Obama Reelection Effort Begins

Giving away money could also help the re-election effort….
 The Great Give Away of Taxpayer Money By Bigger and Bigger Government

Controlling the media will help the re-election effort:
 Free Speech for Terrorists, Liberals; Others Beware

Tea Party Million Taxpayers’ March: A Lot About Not Trusting Government (Or The Media)

Independent Media Would Disappear Under Obama Appointee Plan

Obama Supporters, Left Using Intimidation to Silence “The Other Side”

 Obama, Pelosi, Democrats Woo Spanish Speaking Voters

American Social Discourse and Political Correctness: It’s O.K. To Insult the Gracious and Polite, Just Leave the Vocal Alone

 Free Speech, Free Assembly, Second Amendment Rights Could Come Under Fire By Obama Administration

 Daily Conference Call: Emanual, Carville, Stephanopoulos, Begula

Obama Once Ruled the Media: Now He Wants To Reach You With Less Of Them

 Obama The All Knowing, All Present is All Over The Media



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