Obama, Pelosi, Democrats Woo Spanish Speaking Voters

Why is President Obama on a Trip to Mexico and the Summit of the Americas?  Spanish speaking voters, one has to think, and the illegals he hopes to convert to Spanish speaking Obama voters before long.

In Mexico yesterday the president had the opportunity to take drastic action against drug cartels, guns, murder and mayhem.

He passed up that opportunity.

Obama made no real vow to enforce the international border and no vow to deal with automatic weapons.

He was in Mexico on a photo op.

US President Barack Obama at a press conference in Mexico City ...
Next: Normalizing relations with Cuba.

“Our border with Mexico allows the free flow of drugs, money, guns and illegal human beings.  It is only trucks from Mexico with tomatoes that can’t get north, because the Teamsters Union makes it so,” a border agent told us.

Newt Gingrich said, “If the president wanted to shut off the flow of drugs and guns and money to and from Mexico, he should seal the border.”

But we have no such promise and not a word of criticism from the media.

No no new gun law.

Nancy Pelosi’s recent statement that law enforcement officers calling on households with suspected illegal aliens in residentce were un-American gives a green light to all kinds of mischief: like a bomb threat at a jail holding illegals in Colorado today and a near riot when Congressman Tancredo attempted to give a speech at UConn earlier this week.

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