Obama The All Knowing, All Present is All Over The Media

On Tuesday President Obama gave an economic address at Georgetown University.  But it sounded more like a college lecture, with the professor telling us how the economy works — or doesn’t in the current case.

On Wednesday he was on TV again, telling us not to fear tax day even while at least a quarter million Americans took to the streets to show that they did fear not just tax day but the current president and his administration.

Then he jetted off to Mexico to say what?

This is just another photo op trip with no substance — but at least he didn’t bow to Felipe Calderon.

“Our border with Mexico allows the free flow of drugs, money, guns and illegal human beings.  It is only trucks from Mexico with tomatoes that can’t get north, because the Teamsters Union makes it so,” a border agent told us.

Obama in Mexico, Trinidad to Achieve What? Nothing, Next To Nothing and Status Quo

Newt Gingrich said, “If the president wanted to shut off the flow of drugs and guns and money to and from Mexico, he should seal the border.”

But we have no such promise and not a word of criticism from the media.

This is another photo op trip and the media loves it….

I am starting to believe that the president is on TV so much and talking about everything that the government really does want a daily role in the life of every American family.  And because the president seems to take equal time with his kids dog, the Somali pirates, Mexico, Irn and North Korea, it is difficult to tell the important from the mundane.  Pirates are not a strategic problem and neith is Mexico.  Two dictators with nuclear weapons and long range missiles deserve more than tough talk and the happy news of Bo the dog, it seems to us….

The president is now off to a Latin American summit and will deliver earth shattering news about Cuba.  Who cares?  Cuba long ago ceased being important.  Iran and North Korea are nust reaching critical mass…..


By Roger Simon
If  it’s Thursday, it must be Obama. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or just about any day.

Barack Obama has gone from being historic to being ubiquitous.

He doesn’t just control the news cycle, he is the news cycle.

Need an auto exec fired? A pirate killed? A dog patted? A Cuba policy addressed? An Easter egg rolled? An economy stimulated? Hey, he also does Seders!

This is not automatic for a president in his first 100 days. George W. Bush was so quiet he was virtually speechless in his first 100 days in office, even though he had to deal with an international crisis (the Chinese government took 24 Americans hostage) and a domestic crisis (race riots in Cincinnati).

Today, we have a president who so fills the airwaves that he really should have his own network with the motto: “All Obama, All the Time.”

Scratch that. He doesn’t need it. Cable news is pretty much that already.

I am not complaining. But it strikes me that President Obama is now speaking to us even when he doesn’t really need to speak to us.

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