Tea Party Million Taxpayers’ March: A Lot About Not Trusting Government (Or The Media)

Americans have a long tradition of suspicion of big government.  The first Boston Tea Parties were engineered to express that displeasure of a people against a far away monarch clearly on the wrong path.

Rightly, this new and modern displeasure has resulted in people taking to the streets  — evnts that have been called  “Tea Parties.”

The tea parties are about taxes but also more than that — and this should worry all.  The tea parties seem to be about a lack of trust in government…..

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By Michelle Malkin

AN incomplete survey of newspaper accounts and organizer estimates pegged this week’s Tea Party protest population at a minimum of 250,000. If we use the crowd-counting math of left-wing activists, we can call it the Million Taxpayer March.

To George Soros-funded grievance professionals, 250,000 is an insignificant number. But unlike recent anti-war and pro-illegal-immigration rallies padded with union workers, college students and homeless people, the Tax Day Tea Party demonstrations featured small-business owners, working taxpayers and families.

A quarter-million people took time off in the middle of the workweek to raise their voices against reckless taxing and bipartisan spending.

Multimillionaire jetsetter Nancy Pelosi scoffed that the Tea Party movement was nothing more than “Astroturf” politics. Rep. Jan Schakowsky called the peaceable assemblies “despicable.” Others grumbled that activists only showed up where Fox News cameras were.

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3 Responses to “Tea Party Million Taxpayers’ March: A Lot About Not Trusting Government (Or The Media)”

  1. Larry Denman Says:

    You have overestimated the number of tea partyers. The actual count was somewhere around 300,000

  2. Chuck Says:

    They really don’t understand that it’s not Obama we’re after, it’s the out of control, overspending, unresponsive to the people who sent them there Government! This includes Local, State and Federal governments.

    I rather like the idea that Washington and the sycophant media don’t have a clue. It’s always more effective when the opponent is mischaracterized and underrated.

    Next round on the Fourth of july.


  3. Truth And Justice Says:

    You know people claim that they are patriotic and they want to be kept safe while keeping their freedom. Unfortunately that freedom comes at a price. This tea party BS is nothing more then a mockery of an important historical event. Furthermore the only people protecting freedom are the soldiers of this country. The men and women who come back and find that they can’t find a job. This country has forgotten about customer service. Companies and entrepreneurs have decided to produce lesser products and services while charging ridiculous prices in order to get rich quick. That is the real reason we are all in this mess. This is not patriotism or the American dream that some people claim it is. This is nothing more then greed. You want to be free? then this country has to pay for it on a whole and if lower class and the poor can not pay( which any moron would know that if they can get jobs then they can’t pay, and don’t give me that “they are just lazy crap”) then the rest of the country either has to step up and do it. It is either that or just let the U.S.A. be come another third world country. Funny though I see many people protesting this now when they should have been protesting years ago to prevent this.

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