Obama’s Suicide Machine: Economy, Spending, Debt (Education, Climate, Health Care)

Evoking one of Barack Obama’s favorite performers, Ben Stein today called the Obama tax and spend plan “Obama’s suicide machine.”

He said the president’s current plan to borrow more money to spend on education, health care and climate change makes no sense because it will accumulate too much debt.

“There is no correlation whatsoever that more spending means better academic achievement,” Stein added.

On the environment, the president urged people to look to Spain to see how environmental regulations created jobs.

Neil Cavuto said, “We did look at Spain and for every climate change job gained, two others were lost.”

“Making the nation more green is good for the economy is a fantasy,” said Terry Keenan.

This is also the first year that social security will pay out more than it takes in…..


Ben Stein appeared on Cavuto’s Saturday show on Fox, “Cavuto on Business.”

Many commentators are now saying even Republicans who voted for the stimulus and the TARP are feeling heat from voters alarmed about the spending and debt……

Michelle Malkin

Obama’s Spending Plans Means Cuts In Other Areas Needed

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer

Families are making tough decisions about their money and so too will their government, President Barack Obama said Saturday, promising that spending cuts are coming — and soon.

At a Cabinet meeting Monday, the president will ask department and agency heads for specific proposals for trimming their budgets.

“If were going to rebuild our economy on a solid foundation, we need to change the way we do business in Washington. We need to restore the American peoples confidence in their government — that it is on their side, spending their money wisely, to meet their families needs,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, released while he attended the Summit of the Americans in Trinidad.

To help achieve his goal of an efficient government, Obama announced the appointment of Jeffrey Zients, a founder and managing partner of the investment firm Portfolio Logic, as chief performance officer. Zients, who also will serve as deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget, will work to streamline processes and cut costs.

On that front, Obama gave notice he wants to act quickly.

“In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the elimination of dozens of government programs shown to be wasteful or ineffective,” he said. “In this effort, there will be no sacred cows and no pet projects. All across America, families are making hard choices, and it’s time their government did the same.”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is ending consulting contracts to create new seals and logos that, Obama said, have cost the department $3 million since 2003. Obama also cited Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ plan to overhaul contracting procedures and eliminate billions in wasteful spending and cost overruns.

The president praised Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., who are leading the effort in Congress.

Republicans have kept up a steady stream of criticism of Obama’s spending, both of his $787 billion stimulus plan and his $3.6 trillion budget proposal.

“Earlier this week, President Obama said that we need to get serious about fiscal discipline by trimming waste in the federal budget,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said in the GOP address. “Republicans couldn’t agree more. We want to work with the president to get our financial house back in order.”

“It’s irresponsible to borrow more than all previous American presidents combined. And it must stop if we want to get our economy moving again,” McCarthy said. “When will all this spending and borrowing end?”

Obama said he’s determined to try to cut costs.

“That is why I have assembled a team of management, technology and budget experts to guide us in this work,” he said, “leaders who will help us revamp government operations from top to bottom and ensure that the federal government is truly working for the American people.”

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