Why is Obama’s Left so Angry? Attacking Moderate Journalists….

O.K.: He bowed to a Muslim, reached out to everyone, sent a video to Ahmadinejad, appologized to everyone, practically hugged Hugo Chavez and sat through an hour long beating from Daniel Ortega.  He vowed to close Gitmo, eliminate the word terrorism and kiss the next yahoo that tries to destroy America.  So why is the left to angry at the right?  Obama has the White House and Democrats control everything but still and angry mob of lefties seems intent on screwing this up for Democrats just as socialism is dawning on the east and real American Democracy is setting (if it hasn’t already) in California….

Obama, Chavez President Obama talks with Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez at the Summit of the Americas in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Photo: Alfonso Ocando / EPA


By Dana Milbank
The Washington Post

On Tuesday, I learned that I am a right-wing hack. I am not a journalist. I am typical of the right wing. I am why newspapers are going broke. I write garbage. I am angry with Barack Obama. I misquote Obama. I am bitter. I am a certified idiot. I am lame. I am a Republican flack.

On Thursday, I realized that I am a media pimp with my lips on Obama’s butt. I am a bleeding-heart liberal who wants nothing more than for the right to fall on its face. I am part of the ObamaMedia. I am pimping for the left. I am carrying water for Obama. Lord, am I an idiot.

I discovered all this from the helpful feedback provided to me in the “reader comments” section at the end of my past four columns on washingtonpost.com. I undertook this exercise on the advice of former washingtonpost.com editor Doug Feaver, who wrote on these pages recently that journalists need to take the comments seriously [“Listening to the Dot-Comments,” op-ed, April 9]. Further, he added in his blog, “those who don’t are making a mistake.”

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