America Divided: Tea Party Bill Payers Doubt Mainstream Media, Intellectuals, Academia, Most Politicians

Last Wednesday’s Tax Day Tea Parties indicated to us at Peace and Freedom that America is now divided into two camps: the ones that pay most of the bills and another group that wants to spend even more.

It is as stark as that.

It isn’t about Democrats or Republicans.  It is about spending and debt and how and who pays.

The Tea Parties are also about trust, or more correctly, doubt.  Tea Party participants doubt that the president and the congress will rein itself in so therefore, there is now, almost more than ever, a need for people that are highly concerned to take their opinions to the streets. 

This is also a manifestation of doubt in the mainstream media and other national institutions like our colleges — both bastions of liberal thinking that many doubt.

And in almost every national issue, it seems, the debate is growing in its noise level.  We attribute that to doubt, uncertainty and concern — all pretty normal in times of economic distress and unsettled or unknown futures, doctors say.

51% View Tea Parties Favorably, “Political Class,” Many in Media Strongly Disagree, Obama’s Top Advisor Says “Unhealthy”

The question now is what will the doubters do about all of this?  Will there be more Tea Parties and can concern ans doubt be transformed into a real movement that can change the course set out by just less than 100 days of the Obama Administration.

Doubt will have to be turned into certainty: certainty that a different way ahead is a better way ahead and one that can and must be achieved.

On Monday the president wondered about a “confidence gap” with the public, as he urged the cabinet to come up with $100 million in savings…..

That sounded stupid or crazy or both.  Which makes me normal and part of the 51%…..

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A segment of the American voting population seems unable to swallow what it is being told by the media, teachers and intellectuals.  Here in the classroom, Barack Obama. Photograph by Rapport Press/Newscom

David Axelrod (L), senior advisor to President-elect Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff (UPI Photo/Brian Kersey)
David Axelrod (L), senior advisor to President Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff are fighting against the tea parties.  Why? (UPI Photo/Brian Kersey)

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