Israel to attack when and not if: nothing positive will result from the dialogue between U.S., Iran

The timing of Saturday’s Times of London article, which claimed that the Israel Defense Forces is training for an attack on Iran on very short notice, is certainly no coincidence. Israel is trying to make clear that even though the United States plans to begin a diplomatic dialogue with Iran, it holds a realistic military option against Tehran’s nuclear program. Without a deal that assuages Israel’s concerns, there may be no other choice but to attack.

From Haaretz Newspaper (Israel)

About 10 days ago, Maariv reported that the new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was briefed on the progress of the IDF’s planning on the Iranian question. Supposedly he was happy with what he heard. It’s highly probable we will hear and read many more reports of this sort in the near future, mostly in the international media.

 Iran’s Inevitability Matched By Israel’s; Both Have “When, Not If” Mindset

Most senior defense figures believe that nothing positive will result from the dialogue between Washington and Tehran. They also acknowledge that Israel’s ability to influence the talks is very low and that it would be best for Israel not to be seen as obstructing efforts to resolve the confrontation with Iran peacefully.

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