Pelosi: “science is an answer to our prayers”

On abortion, stem cell research, immigration, law, prayer and faith I am afraid I have serious doubts about nancy Pelosi’s sanity.

Which brings into a shadow of doubt the entire congress and the liberal agenda of the Denmocrats.

pelosi is third in line to the presidency and she has no grasp on law or just about anything else.

her judgment came to tha attention of many because she imperiously flies around on big U.S. Air Force jets at taxpayer expense while many are living day to day, losing jobs and fighting foreclosure.

pelosi is out of touch with many American government and no wonder: she is also out of touch with law.

She recently called law enforcement officers trying to applies rules for immigrants “un-American.”

How can American law be un-American?  How can the Speaker of the House and the third in line to the White House think it is a good idea to lump border agents with murderers and terrorists?

Well today we have part of the answer.

Nancy Pelosi said, “We’ve had a situation where it’s faith or science – take your pick.”

Now “We’re saying science is an answer to our prayers.”

Pelosi has come under fire by many bishops in her Catholic Church for her support of abortion.

But who cares about God, church and such fol-de-rol.  Science will save us.  So Obama can cover over the symbols of Jesus at Georgetown and then try to lift references from the Bible without attribution.

Frankly: I doubt that Pelosi or Obama have any Christian values or sense: but it is not my place to judge…..


From Th San Francisco Chronicle
April 18, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi forcefully responded to conservative critics of government funding for programs like stem cell research Friday, saying that under the Bush administration, “We’ve had a situation where it’s faith or science – take your pick.”
We’re saying science is an answer to our prayers,” the San Francisco Democrat said.

Pelosi’s comments came after a tour of lab facilities at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus and the J. David Gladstone Institutes, both leaders in stem cell research.

Pelosi insisted she is “standing my ground” in support of such research. “We are going forth with science … and we will defend that investment.”

“We need science, science, science, science, science,” she said.

Her remarks came one day after Republican Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele made headlines with sharp criticism of the Obama administration for its policies on abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Palin, calling for supporters to back what she called a “culture of life,” spoke in Indiana, where the possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate was greeted wildly by fans. She urged them to oppose Obama’s policies on abortion, saying, “Life is ordained, life is precious.” She then lambasted the Democratic president for his support of embryonic stemcell research.

She said deciding when babies obtain human rights is not above her “pay grade” – a slam at a response by Obama to a question about abortion from pastor Rick Warren of Southern California’s Saddleback mega church during the presidential campaign last year.

Friday in San Francisco, Pelosi said she had not heard Palin’s remarks the day before.

But she then strongly rebutted conservative critics, launching into a defense of government funding for stem cell research and biomedical programs.

She called the funding a boon to millions of American families seeking cures and treatment for a myriad of diseases and major health problems.

“The justification, I think, is clear, in terms of the progress that has been made. The need is urgent, in terms of what it translates to in the family life of all Americans,” she said. “And at a time when we are going forward with affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Americans, the investment in basic biomedical research is really essential – a fundamental principle of that universal access to quality health care.

“It will take us to a place where we will have personalized, customized care… it will address disparities in health care that exist. And we need science, science, science, science, science in order to do that. So I’m standing my ground.”

Former California state Sen. Art Torres, now vice chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state office that supports and funds stemcell research, said that Palin’s comments were “very disappointing … because it’s such a blatant campaign move.”

He said she was “playing to the crowd” for a 2012 run, but hasn’t offered any alternatives to the major advances that might be made in biomedical research.



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