Obama Seems To Have Missed Importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day: Scolds Israel In Front Of Jordan’s King Hussein

After meeting with Jordan’s King Hussein at the White House today, Barack Obama seemed to take a back-handed slap at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reuters reporter  Matt Spetalnick  wrote, “Obama took care not to confront Netanyahu head-on but made clear his administration hoped to coax him into accepting the principle of a two-state solution, which has been the basis of U.S. policy for years.”

“I agree that we can’t talk forever, that at some point steps have to be taken so that people can see progress on the ground. And that will be something that we will expect to take place in the coming months,” Obama said.

Adding to pressure on Netanyahu, Obama added, “I am a strong supporter of a two-state solution. I have articulated that publicly, and I will articulate that privately. And I think that there are a lot of Israelis who also believe in a two-state solution.”

“They are going to have to formulate and, I think, solidify their position,” Obama said of Israel’s new government.

Obama seems ham handed in the diplomatic realm….

Netanyahu’s position is clear and well know and, like Obama, he is just off an election supporting his coalition government.

Obama recently sent envoy George Mitchell to Isreal to twist Mr. Netanyahu’s arm — but the Israeli leader was having none of it.

And a good White House staff would know there is resentment and doubt all over the Jerusalem Post — aimed at Barack Obama…..

Israel Alarmed By Obama Administration’s “condescending attitude toward our prime minister and Israeli public opinion”

All this less than 24 hours after Iran’s President Ahmadinejad called Israel a racist state: only he never says “Israel,” denying the existence of the jewish state….

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Accuses U. S., Europe, Israel of “destabilizing the entire world”

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By Robert M. Goldberg
American Spectator
Yom HaShoa began on Hitler’s birthday. Two groups of people were mindful of this dark coincidence. All Israelis — or at least everyone I talked to — knew about the overlap. They thought it was both poetic justice and divine intervention. Hitler didn’t just want to destroy the Jewish people; he wanted the world to remember us. He envisioned creating a museum to house our corpses and conquered religious treasures — torahs, talmuds, menorahs, tallit (prayer shawls), etc. to make eternal mockery of a people who believed in a G-d and way of life in which the absolute worth of each individual was the eternal foundation of society, behavior and technological progress. And of course the opposite has happened. Hitler is now a re-run on the History Channel and the Jewish people thrive and remember and are a reminder of both the mindless hatred of our enemies as well as our determination to fight and thrive as a nation.

The other group of people was of course the clueless in the mainstream media. They were the audience the President of Iran played to by speaking — on Hitler’s birthday — at a UN-sponsored Geneva conference on racism rigged to engender more hate and promote the destruction of the Jewish state. As Ahmadinejad spoke European delegates to this conference on racism walked out in protest. Yet many of their own countries were party to canceling Holocaust Remembrance ceremonies in various cities to “protest” Israel’s military operation in Gaza in response to both rocket attacks from Hamas and its continuing project of establishing medium and long range missile capacity against major cities in Israel, courtesy of Iran. The irony of siding as a form of protest with those who want to eliminate the Jewish state was lost on these nation states. Similarly, the willingness to abet militant Islam in meaningless international conferences and expect to be congratulated for walking out on the speech of a monster…well, now that I think about it, that’s something the students at Columbia University didn’t do!

Once again history and the future of the Jewish people appear to be on a collision course. Throughout the world lip service is paid to our “right to exist,” as if this is some sort of special gift from the family of nations and not something Jews — mostly Israelis in the past 60 years — have had to defend with their lives almost yearly. The promise of “Never Again” is uttered but in Europe and in the halls of Congress and the mainstream media, attacks on the Jewish lobby are now part of the conversation.

Sometimes I fear the world is slouching from indifference back to eon-old habits.

Read the rest:

Michelle Malkin


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