On Possibility of CIA Interrogation Investigation, Judge Warns of America Becoming “Banana Republic”

“We’ll be behaving like a banana republic if we take to trial a prior government or people that lost an election,” said Judge Robert Bork on Tuesday.

Robert Bork

In fact, in Taiwan and Peru former leaders went to trial recently and were found guilty of criminal behavior.

Brit Hume of Fox News said of President Obama’s statements today on the “excessive interrogation techniques,”I can’t see what laws could have been broken.  The White House asked Justice for legal opinions and that’s what they got.  It doesn’t look criminal.”

Hume also said of the president, “This is as big a flip flop as you are ever going to see.”

CIA Interrogations Uproar: “How well, if at all, will this president stand up to his party?”
Obama “leaves door open” to Bush officials’ prosecution over CIA interrogations

Michelle Malkin


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