How’s Obama Doing? Just Ask America’s Closest Allies

Just shy of 100 days into the Obama Administration, America’s closest allies — Israel, Britain and Canada are responding with concern, dismay and worry.

Israel fears it has lost its best ally completely.

Israel Worries Obama “Cannot be Relied Upon”

Obama’s outreach to Muslims, saying he could deal with “moderate” members of the Taliban his outreach to Iran and President Ahmadinejad at first seemed naive and then looked more and more like danger signs.

The recent Obama decision to release sensitive intelligene documents came like a tornado to the Israeli intelligence community.

“As you know, John, in our busisess, it is all about trust.  We are a net supplier of intelligence to the U.S.  But if the U.S. puts what we give them in the New York Times the faucet will be closed,” an Israeli friend said to me.

Israel Alarmed By Obama Administration’s “condescending attitude toward our prime minister and Israeli public opinion”

Sharing Intelligence Relies Upon Trust: Obama Has Given That Away, Called an End To Terror War
 Obama Seems To Have Missed Importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day: Scolds Israel In Front Of Jordan’s King Hussein

Canadains are asking, “Who in hell hired Janet Napalitano.  The Department of Homeland Security boss insulted Canadians by saying she thought their border was the cause of the 9/11 terrorism.

Canadians Wonder: How Did U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job?

During the congressional debate on the stimulus, Canadian PM Harper had to tell Barack Obama that several provisions of his grand plan smaked of “Buy American” protectionism.  The president got an earful on the free trade agreement.

Officials in Canada, the top U.S. trade partner, criticized part of the stimulus legislation that passed the U.S. House of Representatives Jan. 28 that required the use of U.S.-made iron and steel in infrastructure projects.

“U.S. protectionism is about to make Canada’s recession a lot worse,” Ralph Goodale, Canada’s house leader for the opposition Liberal Party, said in Parliament.

Harper and Obama

In Britain, the newspapers are still wondering why Obama thought it necessary to return a bust of Winston Churshill, give Gordon Brown some useless movie DVDs that can’t be played in the UK and presented the Queen with an IPod made in China.

But others are certainly delighted (sort of) with Obama: Castro, Chavez, Vladimir Putin and others.  Sort of.

By John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

Janet Napolitano Now Blames Canada for 9/11?
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Sarkozy Calls Barack Obama, His Ideas “Unoriginal, Unsubstantial and Overrated”

Russia Sees Obama, U.S., Others As “Weak,” “Naive”

Most World Leaders Encouraged By Obama Time; Putin Ready for Disappointment


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