Obama Throws CIA, Integrity, Rahm Under the Bus: Who’s Next and Does It Matter?

The “Not George Bush President” just did it again.  He did something unthinkable to George Bush.  He threw the CIA under the bus.  And he did it less than 24 hours after going to the CIA to gush about partiotism, loyalty, hard work and American values.  He never did that in Europe or Mexico or Trinidad — and we know why.  He didn’t mean any of it.

Rahm Emanuel also took a bullet for his boss here but he is probably O.K. with that.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel listens during President ...

And if Rahm feels wronged that doesn’t matter either.  National security won’t be compromised.

But throwing the CIA under the bus, along with his own integrity, poses risks to Barack Obama.  And to the United States.

E-Mail being circulated among intel agents:

WANTED: Brand new CIA Agents to fill thousands of positions.  We’ll supply the gun.  Bring your own lawyer.  Meet at the bus stop in front of our headquarters, Langley, Virginia….

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