Obama’s Interrogations Hunt: Get ‘Chimp’ Bush, Darth Cheney and Rumsfeld: Go Get Them, Hounds!

The Chimp George Bush, his manager Dick Cheney and their ax man Donald Rumsefeld deserve to hang for their torture and other crimes against humanity.

I am not really qualified to make this case….

But I thought we should just put it out there loud and clear what the “excessive interrogation” matter is all about.

But for me the focus is not on the past, as President Obama said himself.

“We’ll be behaving like a banana republic if we take to trial a prior government or people that lost an election,” said Judge Robert Bork on Tuesday.

But who will make that charge except a conservative constitutional lawyer and judge?  And who cares?

So if this is not about the past, Obama would have never have released the “Top Secret” documents — some of the “Top Secret” documents, as Dick Cheney pointed out, relative to “torture.”

By selectively releasing some of these documents Obama opened Pandora’s Box — and he knew fully what he was doing.

Rahm Emanuel gave the president “cover,” saying all the information in the documents was already available from other sources.  So President Obama decided to throw his left a cookie they really didn’t need in an arrogant show of “We Won” (and “they lost” and may even lose more).

Obama threw fuel on a smoldering fire.

Beware the unexpected consequences.

As Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Each day now brings, in the usual media quarters, fevered exhortations calling for the trials and punishment of Bush administration officials.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Government Release of Torture Memos May Mean Justice Department Has to Act

The left will love that!

Of course this also means most of the media will be in fevered debate about the past: not the socialist future or the legislative present.

And if there is any echo in the international community: Obama says that’s grand.  He’s showing we Americans have a “moral compass” which sort of puts real icing on his carefully made cake during the “America Sucks” tour to Europe, parts of the Middle East, Mexico and the Summit of the Americas.

And in most of the rest of the world: Bush and his clan are hated anyway.  This gives everyone a vicarious way of throwing a shoe….

How therapudic.

And the media will love this: they are almost universally liberal and young and have yet to have any real “Watergate” moments.

So everyone is happy: even those unmentionable terrorists.

Because now they know exactly where the moral compass points.

And its not at them.

And the media, like a hound with the scent: if off chasing the smell of torture.

Call it the Obama media bailout!


Everybody wins in Obama land.

Start making your signs for the next tea party….

As John Wayne used to say, “We’re burning daylight.”


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