What’s Racist and Un-American? Ask Asian Americans

I know I’ll be called a racist myself for commenting upon the government mandated forcible change of Asian names.

This happens when Asians with “unusual” names — by some “American standards” — apply for legal documents like social security cards, marriage and business documents and drivers licenses.

I know this because my wife is Asian and she has other government induced problems: many Asian women, by tradition and custom, do not take their husband’s family name, for example.

And visit any state DMV.  I’ll bet you’ll be able to take the test in Spanish in a second.  If you speak any Asian language: good luck.

Document clerks usually say, “Well, you are an American now.”

Which is racist.

Because usually, in the next line over, some black guy is changing his name from “Joe” to “Mafumee” and behind him some Spanish speaking dude is refusing to speak English — and demanding a Spanish linguist to help him — which he’ll get in a few seconds.

Asians in America are generally quiet and polite in my experience.  Have you ever heard a loud howl from Vietnamese Americans about their tortured past?  Nope.

And virtually all Asian American are legal Americans: unless brought here by Chinese mobs as sex slaves.  Most fly here which takes papers and money.  If you walk into America you are a lot less likely to be legal than the average Asian….

And many Asian Americans are people of great achievement.  In California, for example, the colleges are crowded with high achieving Asian American students who speak English while many who do not speak English sit on the sidelines.

The last time there was wide ranging social unrest in a U.S. community, with burning and looting and such, I would have been called a racist if I had reported the truth: the Asian shop keepers got burned out by, well, non-Asians.

And after Katrina: which neighborhoods and businesses cleaned up first without demanding government help?  Those owned by Asians.

Forcing any people to change their names seems un-American to me.

But I know this will come into conflict with people like Nancy Pelosi who define un-American in other ways….

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Michelle Malkin


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