Free Speech Failing or Under Assault in America

What makes America great is closely tied to our freedom of speech.  Without that one simple right and dignity, terrible things happen in terrible places.  That is why we have frequently supported freedom of speech in places like China and Vietnam.

But American freedom of speech is under assault.

Two seperate disruptions of speeches at UNC-Chapel Hill as just the tip of the iceburg.

Many Democrats, and Democrats control both houses of congress, support imposing “Fairness Doctrine” restrictions on free speech — which would effectively shut down talk radio as we know it today.

NBC and its children in the “news media” (CNBC, MSBC) are almost completely compromised and have lost their objectivity and fairness completely.

There is talk among lawmakers about “taking control” of the Internet — something that has already happened in China and Vietnam.

At CNN the people who participated in the tea bag events were referred to using a vulgar, sexual term: during newscasts.

Our newspapers are failing nation wide which leaves fewer and fewer free speech opportunityes but some have suggested a federal nationalization” which smacks of Russia’s Pravda and the state media of China.

So we at Peace and Freedom join with others in fighting to retain this key right of free speech and fear many in our government and media are working hard to destroy American free speech for their own purposes.

Michelle Malkin

 NBC Decides It Is All Obama All The Time (That Includes CNBC, MSNBC, GE…..Miss USA…Gay Marriage)
“Independent Media” At Risk In Obamaworld


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