Obama: Man That Proclaimed Hope, Bipartisanship and Unity Is Going About Destroying Everything The Tiny Minority Believes

Barack Obama, it seems to me, has an agenda.  It is not just a liberal, socialist agenda.  It is about destroying all the beliefs the tiny minority hold dear.

“Yes we can.”

The minority here is “tiny” as measured by Obama himself.  Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats ready to call immigration law enforcement officers “un-American” control the House of Representatives.  Harry Reid and his crew, those that said there was no hope for the “surge” of troops  in Iraq, control the Senate.  Obama watches his opinion polls and sees that 60% of the people are on his side.

The young people of America are with Obama’s majority.  They’ll soon get the “Plan B” abortion pill, thanks to the FDA, they almost rioted at universties giving the stage to conservative speakers recently, at the University of Maryland the students aired a porn film in the name of free speech.

Minorities are pro-Obama by a wide margin, polls show, and Pelosi’s calling law officers “un-American” gives illegal aliens great hope.

Unfathomable Obama Thinking On Interrogations, War, and More Seems Orwellian

Even Jesus has been papered over in the Obama tidal wave — at Georgetown — and the pro-abortion president has an invite to speak at Notre Dame.

So religious conservatives matter little to Obama — they are part of the tiny minority.

Obama has already been on two “America sucks” tours: telling the arrogant French that the U.S. has been too arrogant.

He’s even had photo ops with mass murderers like Hugo Chavez — smiling.

And now Mr. Obam will destroy everything you thought you believed about the CIA, FBI and U.S. military.  Polls show the military is the most trusted institution remaining in America.  After the interrogation trials — which are certain to come unless the president himself puts a stop to them — America will certainly think less of itself and its respected institutions.

And that seems to be the objective of all of this.  We see no other…..

It’s a sure way to ensure reelection.

Never let a good crisis go to waste….

Psst: It was Rahm Emanuel that said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste…

Emanuel at the Obama inauguration

 Pete Hoekstra in WSJ: Congress Knew Details Of Interrogations Now Called “Torture”

Obama’s Stealth Leap to Socialism 

Interrogations or Torture? Obama Promised To Bring Us Together But Offers Hope Of Tearing Us Apart (Further)

 Waterboarding Torture Used On U.S. Military People at Survival Training

Michelle Malkin

Memo release puts Obama in political bind


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