Obama As “Hollywood President With No Understanding of Weakness, Relationships”

The men of my Vietnamese-American family and friends gathered last night for a meal and, as is often the case, the conversation turned to politics and in 2009 America that means Obama.

“He seems not to understand how weak he looks and sounds,” said one.  “The world is a pack of dogs and they smell weakness.  His weakness may work in Hollywood and in opinion polls but in Beijing and Moscow I think he is lost as weak. You think North Korea would have launched that missile without some smack from Bush?  No way.”

“America is now a nation that celebrates weakness and not strength.  Such nations fail.”

On allies and relationships, one said, “Israel is worried and why not?  Iran gets closer to a nuclear bomb every day and America and the U.N. are worthlessly weak.  Ahmadinejad understands strength.  Obama? No.”

Another chimes in, “In many nations America is like a big brother and Obama is that person, that symbol.  When he hangs out with Chavez or Castro or even seems to, what is Columbia to think?  He is like a great brother with the wrong friends, the wrong girl.  He is all Hollywood.”

On Hollywood, the Vietnamese Americans gave me an earful.

All Hollywood is liberal.  They hate Mel Gibson because he made a movie about Jesus.  They wouln’t put up the money for a movie about jesus but Mel went ahead anyway.  He made a lot of money and they hate him more.”

“Even more than Clinton, Obama needs to be loved.  And he goes to all the wrong places to get it and gets it in all the wrong ways.  He grovels and apologizes.  Too bad beause most in the world want to come to America like us, to the “American dream.’  But he will ruin that. Unless he makes everyone a citizen and gives away money which looks like the plan.”

My friends didn’t know who Sean Penn was.

“He doesn’t matter.  Except if he has the same friends as Obama those are the wrong friends for the president.”

“Obama seems to have no sense for weakness and relationships.”


 How’s Obama Doing? Just Ask America’s Closest Allies


Hollywood Loves Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez

By Matthew Vadum
American Spectator

President Obama may have plenty of vocal defenders in America’s media-entertainment complex, but so does Venezuela’s aspiring president-for-life.

The American friends of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seem caught in a time warp, spouting foolish Marxist rhetoric to justify the buffoonish behavior of their hero. But Venezuela’s head of state is no fool, and his brand of leftist politics seems to be on the march in Latin America.

Recently an emboldened Chavez called Obama a “poor ignoramus” and handed the beaming leader of the free world a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent. The book is a leftist, anti-American tract from Marxist publisher Monthly Review Press.

It is unclear why Chavez didn’t give Obama Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance, by Noam Chomsky, the book he brought to the United Nations in 2006 when he called President Bush “the Devil” and made the sign of the cross.

Conservatives criticized Obama for shaking the Venezuelan strongman’s hand, and naturally, Hollywood leapt to the defense of both leaders.

This should surprise no one. Hollywood is in love with Obama, and Chavez, who has allowed Iran-aligned Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas terrorists to open offices in the Venezuelan capital, is the kind of anti-American that certain kinds of American leftists swoon over.

Take actor Sean Penn, the recent Oscar laureate for Milk.

Read the rest:


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