Your Tax Dollars Built John Murtha Airport and You Pay About Half of the 3 Flights Per Day for 20 People

Here is why earmarks and pork spending is loved by just about everyone in Congress and even Barack Obama!  John Murtha has his own airport and it has three flights every day to the only destination: Washigton DC.  It’s a public airport with all the niceties: except flights and people.  And you paid for just about everything and you still pay about half of each flight’s cost….


By Jonathan Karl

ABC News

You’ve heard of the Bridge to Nowhere. You might call this the Airport for Nobody.

The John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport has an impressive $18 million runway made of reinforced concrete that’s big enough to land any airplane in North America. The airport also has a $7 million air traffic control tower, a $14 million hanger and $8 million radar. Most of the time, the only thing the airport doesn’t have is airplanes.

Watch “World News with Charles Gibson” at 6:30 p.m. ET for the full report.

An average of just 20 people a day flew out of the Murtha Airport last year. But, the airport was just awarded more federal money — $800,000 in stimulus funds to repave an alternate runway.

You gotta see this:

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