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May 14, 2009

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Ten Reasons The Republican Party Will Recover

May 13, 2009

Here’s our Peace and Freedom list of the top ten reasons to expect the Republican Party to make gains over the course of the next two to four years:

1)  The economy: Despite the huge spending measures already enacted by the Obama administration, including the stimulus and the many ‘bailouts,” the economy may not even start any really significant recovery until this time next year.  Voters are already tiring of the recession and showing discontent.

Bank of England: Recovery will be slow, starting next year

2)  Democratic leaders like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and John Murtha.  There is already rumbling that our Congressional leaders are disappointing voters.  Most polls rate congress very poorly even though some 60% like Obama.  Scandals, a lack of integrity and broken promises on transparency can add to the woes of Democrats easily over time.

Pushy Practices of Pelosi, Murtha Back To Haunt Them?
Democratic Party a “One Man Show” — After Obama, It’s a “Second-Division Ball Club”
“Democratic Party is Bought and Paid For By The Unions” Lawmaker Says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. gestures during a news ...

3)  National debt, deficit and spending.

America’s Ability To Borrow More Questioned, At Risk — Too Much Spending “Breaking the bank”?

4)  Taxes.  Taxes will go up.  There is just no way to support all our current spending let alone the promises of overhauls to health care, education, and the environment without raising more money and that means raising taxes.

Taxes: People and Business Flee Higher Rates; Why Can’t Obama, Congress Get That?
Governors of Texas, South Carolina to Host “Tea Party 2.0″ This Week

Gov. Rick Perry, Texas
5)  Unexpected world events.  Just as nobody could have predicted 9/11, there could well be an event as yet unknown that unfolds to change the game for everyone before long.  Just as Joe Biden predicted last year, this president will be tested….

6)  Democratic Infighting.  This is the party that has, for a long time, been unable to get along with itself, for too long, before all hell breaks loose….

7)  Inflation.  With all the borrowing of the federal government, inflation is indeed likely.  Nobody will like that one bit.  Which will hurt incumbents….

8)  Loss of buying power and credit.  Obama’s current campaign to rein in the credit card companies is admirable but it may result in millions of people unable to get the credit they’ve grown used to….Expect retail sales to lag other indicators of recovery…..

Retail sales remain slow in April:

9)  Broken Promises.  “Green jobs” won’t be as numerous or high paying as once promised and work for good jobs will dry up as GM and Chrysler and others move more jobs overseas….The health care overhaul may actually harm enough people that there could be a backlash that wants to punish lawmakers…

Latest News On Social Security, Medicare, Debt Show Inability of Government To Make Accurate Financial Predictions
Obama, Daschle and Socialized Medicine: Care of GE
Fiat threatens to walk away from Chrysler deal unless unions agree to concessions

10) Desire for Change/Hope (The Pendulum): In our American system, the pendulum has been swinging to and fro; from Republicans to Democrats and back again for almost all of time.  People will tire of our current way of doing business and even the euphoria over Obama will wane.

Republican Party Dead? Hardly. Polls Show Erosion and Doubt in Democratic Advantage


11) Traditional Republican Discipline.  The Republicans in general have traditionally shown much more discipline and togetherness than Democrats.  The current squabbling over Cheney, Powell, Gingrich, Rush et al can be expected to wind down as elections near.

12)  The law of unintended consequences.  President Obama has changed so much, so aggressively, so often, so soon in his presidency that the effort is unprecedented.  But this could mean that there is trouble lurking that has not been foreseen.  And we know how well our government foresees things: like the current recession….

13)  Bad Obama planning and staff work.  Nobody read the stimulus?  This will come back to hurt the president and the Democrats in Congress.  many other examples of stupidity an ineptitude come to mind…..

In this photograph released by the White House, Air Force One ...

Republicans Determined to Lose?
Obama Backs Off Promise to Release Abuse Photos

White House Man Most Responsible For Air Force One Scare of NY Resigns; Investigation Ongoing, Photo Released

May 8, 2009

Louis Caldera, the man who organized the low-flying Air Force One plane that panicked New York City, has delivered his resignation.

From Fox News

Louis Caldera, the man who organized the low-flying Air Force One plane that panicked New York City, has delivered his resignation.

President Obama accepted the resignation on Friday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement. 

Obama has also asked Jim Messina, his deputy chief of staff, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates or his designee “to jointly review the organizational structure of the White House Military Office and the reporting relationship of its components to the White House and the Air Force, and to make recommendations to him to ensure that such an incident never occurs again, Gibbs said.

In this photograph released by the White House, Air Force One ...

In this photograph released by the White House, Air Force One flies over the Statue of Liberty in New York in this undated photograph.

(AP Photo/The White House)
Caldera apologized for the April 27 incident.

Gates had ordered a review of notification procedures for high-visibility “training events” such as the Air Force One photo shoot that flew over the Manhattan skyline, striking fear in the hearts of New Yorkers. 

Read the rest:

New York Times:
In Obama Administration: Who Is Minding The Store? SecDef Critical Of Basic Planning
White House to Release Photo From New York Flyover
Air Force One Over NYC Sent By Political White House Hack — Pentagon Had No Say
Obama Terrific On Teleprompter; Bad On Planning

Weak Demand in Treasury Bond Auctions? Has The U.S. Put Too Much Trust At Risk?

May 8, 2009

America’s economic recovery now depends upon debt.  Debt we “sell” to people like China in the form of Treasury bonds.

The entire Obama budget is based upon debt.  He swears he is for tax breaks but tax increases have got to be in the near future.

And the top earners like Donald Trump are already making noise about moving elsewhere — just as Brit tycoons are fleeing tax rates approaching 60%.

China holds more U.S. debt that anyone else.  But China may not continue to buy.

And Obama is chasing busnesses away: by offering to tax offshore earnings and other now untaxed assets.

And by generally making business and Wall Street the enemy, in talk and in actions.

Even as we the U.S. Taxpatyers are paying billions to bail out GM, with the help of Obama and geithernew, GM is making plans to move a lot of its future auto production to China.

China’s recovery is coming along, fine, thank you; and there may be no need to take on more debt for the U.S.

China already makes much of what sells in the U.S. — and for right now, Americans aren’t buying.  So China’s factories shut down.  Now China is doing something new: encouraging the Chinese to become consumers.

This will be a long and slow process but the Chinese government is determined.

Michelle Malkin:

Fed Tells California: Can’t Cut Pay of Union Jobs To Save Budget; Threatens Loss of Stimulus Money
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