Weak Demand in Treasury Bond Auctions? Has The U.S. Put Too Much Trust At Risk?

America’s economic recovery now depends upon debt.  Debt we “sell” to people like China in the form of Treasury bonds.

The entire Obama budget is based upon debt.  He swears he is for tax breaks but tax increases have got to be in the near future.

And the top earners like Donald Trump are already making noise about moving elsewhere — just as Brit tycoons are fleeing tax rates approaching 60%.

China holds more U.S. debt that anyone else.  But China may not continue to buy.

And Obama is chasing busnesses away: by offering to tax offshore earnings and other now untaxed assets.

And by generally making business and Wall Street the enemy, in talk and in actions.

Even as we the U.S. Taxpatyers are paying billions to bail out GM, with the help of Obama and geithernew, GM is making plans to move a lot of its future auto production to China.

China’s recovery is coming along, fine, thank you; and there may be no need to take on more debt for the U.S.

China already makes much of what sells in the U.S. — and for right now, Americans aren’t buying.  So China’s factories shut down.  Now China is doing something new: encouraging the Chinese to become consumers.

This will be a long and slow process but the Chinese government is determined.

Michelle Malkin:

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