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Biden Chairing Economic Transition Meeting

December 23, 2008

Vice President-elect Joe Biden is on center stage today as his boss is at a much deserved rest in Hawaii….   Biden is chairing an economic transition team meeting….Biden is now defining his role day by day….

Vice President-elect Joe Biden, right, listens as President-elect ... 
Vice President-elect Joe Biden, right, listens as President-elect Barack Obama’s National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers, left, speaks during a meeting in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Vice President-elect Joe Biden will chair a meeting of the presidential transition team’s top economic advisers on Tuesday, as the incoming administration tries to craft and sell an expected $775 billion economic recovery package to Congress, CNN learned.

By Ed Henry at CNN
Two Democratic officials told CNN the meeting at the Washington transition headquarters will include Lawrence Summers, President-elect Barack Obama’s pick to chair the National Economic Council — a key policymaking arm within the White House that will formulate the new administration’s financial crisis response.

Biden’s prominent position as chair suggests he will take a leading role in trying to pass the stimulus package. His low profile in recent days had sparked speculation he would be sidelined in the new administration, especially since his strongest asset — foreign policy — will be largely handled by Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton.

During the presidential campaign, Biden said he was not seeking any specific task, and would not cut as wide a swath as Vice President Dick Cheney. During a debate, Biden said he would focus as vice president on using his four decades of U.S. Senate experience to help Obama move legislation through Congress.

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