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Obama wants to ‘discuss’ with Taliban? Taliban threatens to kill aid workers

March 15, 2009

President Obama has said he wants to negotaiate with the Taliban.

These are the same guys that explained to CNN today why they want to kill aid workers.

Will this get them invited to the Obama White House?

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KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — A top Taliban commander has issued a new threat to foreign aid workers, saying that under the insurgent group’s new “constitution” they will execute them as spies or hold them in exchange for the release of Taliban fighters.
In an exclusive telephone interview Friday night with CNN, Mohammed Ibrahim Hanafi said the Taliban intelligence wing was actively gathering information on foreign aid workers. “If we get someone, that is how we will deal with it under our new constitution,” he said.

He added that he was telling “Afghan brothers not to work with NGOs.”

In the 15-minute interview, arranged by an intermediary for CNN, Hanafi repeated the Taliban’s pledge to keep girls out of public schools.

“Our law is still the same old law which was in place during our rule in Afghanistan,” he said. “Mullah Mohammad Omar was our leader and he is still our head and leader and so we will follow the same law as before.”

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