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The Woman Unafraid to Rip Into Other Women (Like Caroline Kennedy, Sarah Palin….)

January 5, 2009

“Obama emerged from the clouds, and at long last, liberals were finished with the Clintons … It took a decade but journalists finally noticed that Clinton getting serviced by a White House intern whose name he couldn’t recall may not have been the equivalent of the Gettysburg Address.”

That’s Ann Coulter, the slender, leggy, some say sexy, liberals say horible and conservatives say smart conservative opinion hawker.

She selling that book and you can find it for yourself.

We did think many of her quotes were intersting including:

“I loved Sarah Palin. The media went after her so viciously and it was all about class,” she says. “She is a real middle-class woman, just the sort of woman that Democrats are always pretending they represent, and they attacked her relentlessly. I am not saying she was ready to be president this year, but with McCain running, she wasn’t going to get anywhere near being president. If she goes back to Alaska and is a good governor and studies and learns, she may be a presidential candidate a couple elections from now. Maybe she could be another Reagan. Remember, Reagan didn’t run for president at forty-four. She has things she needs to learn. But she has heart and soul and you can’t learn that from a book.”

As for Caroline Kennedy’s bid to be named senator, Coulter snorted, “I am indignant! In New York and Massachusetts people act as if the rest of the country is primitive, but they are the ones who are so primitive and nepotistic to even consider her. Fortunately, I think that may be headed for a crash landing. Every time she opens her mouth it gets worse.”