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Super Bowl: Arizona, Ken Whisenhunt, Kurt Warner

February 1, 2009

Ken Whisenhunt will have a great game plan, and the cerebral Kurt Warner will get just enough time from his offensive line to move the chains of history.

Cardinals 27, Steelers 24

– Dan Bickley, The Arizona RepublicThe Steelers are accustomed to the big stage and that defense can be intimidating. The Cardinals are 3-0 in the playoffs for a reason, however. They have a multitude of offensive threats, and the defense is good enough to control a Steelers offense that isn’t great.


Cardinals 20, Steelers 17

– Paola Boivin, The Arizona Republic

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Steelers’ Defense Recalls Steel Curtain Memories

 Super Bowl Cancels Schools; American Education Easily Delayed By Party, Storm, etc


Steelers’ Defense Recalls Steel Curtain Memories

February 1, 2009

They know the Steel Curtain only through legend, the occasional television clip and the evocative photographs — so much mud, so few teeth — that hang behind the Lombardi Trophies they pass each morning on their way to work.

By Judy Battista
The New York Times

The Steel Curtain and the current Steelers defense were built around linebackers. Jack Ham and Jack Lambert, number fifty eight, stopping the Bengals’ Archie Griffin in 1977. Photo: AP
The Steelers who will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals are young enough that even the oldest of them was a child when the Steelers’ defense defined greatness in the halcyon days of the 1970s. For them, the Steel Curtain feels beyond reach, so infused with lore that making comparisons seems pointless. Jack Ham, the Hall of Fame linebacker from that era, pops up in the locker room and his defensive descendants are delighted, but even then, he is viewed mostly as an icon without peer.

And yet, about the midpoint of the 2008 regular season, Steelers fans signaled a subtle shift in perception. It was about then that the defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, a student of the game for 50 years, did a statistical analysis and noted an odd convergence of numbers. His defense was ranked in the top three in the league in nearly every major category — rushing yards allowed, passing yards allowed and points allowed — and in even more obscure ones like first downs allowed, yards per play, third-down conversions allowed and red zone defense. LeBeau said he thought he was reading the figures incorrectly because he had never seen a team so close to the top in so many categories. A hopeful sign appeared at Heinz Field: Steel Curtain II.

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Jack Lambert

 Super Bowl Cancels Schools; American Education Easily Delayed By Party, Storm, etc.

Most Corrupt State? Illinois Rivals Louisiana

December 12, 2008

If there was a Super Bowl for corruption, Illinois might have to play Louisiana.  


Take that, Louisiana.  

Revelations this week that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich  and his chief of staff have been charged with trying to sell the Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama have sparked a perverse debate over which state is the nation’s most corrupt, with partisans rushing to defend the (dis)honor of their native lands.

By David R. Sands
The Washington Times

Popular liberal blogger Josh Marshall of triggered a firestorm when he suggested that Illinois, Louisiana and newcomer Alaska were the clear front-runners, as outraged residents of New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona and other contenders weighed in.

“Who could leave Rhode Island off the list of most corrupt states?!!” poster “JP” demanded. “This is defamatory!! Ocean Staters will NOT be insulted in this way!!”

But New Orleans poster “BB” said no “wannabe” state could compete with Louisiana’s heritage of political vice, from legendary governors such as Huey Long and Edwin Edwards to indicted and just-defeated Rep. William J. Jefferson, a Democrat whom prosecutors accuse of stashing $90,000 in illicit funds in his freezer.

Rep. William J. Jefferson, who has been charged with money laundering, was asked about "$90,000 in a freezer" during a taped interview with the Young America's Foundation.

Above: Rep. William J. Jefferson, who has been charged with money laundering, was asked about “$90,000 in a freezer”

“Louisiana will let any state in the union pick the turf and the time,” BB wrote.

“You want state-level corruption? Local? Bring it. Historical tradition? Game on. Recent scandal? Easy money. You name the category, any category, and we’ll have a big dog in that fight.”

Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, said the Illinois vs. Louisiana smackdown is akin to a Big Ten vs. SEC clash in college football’s Bowl Championship Series.

“If there was a BCS for corruption, I think right now you’d have to put Illinois in the title game,” he said. “They’re showing why they’re a true contender.”

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