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US Senate Intelligence Committee Member: “Carrots” To Iran A Waste

December 15, 2008

Iran’s nuclear program and what to do about it is of only marginal interest to most Americans, especially during an economic crisis and with Christmas around the corner.  But to Israeli’s, Iran’s nuclear path is an existential issue….


By Herb Keinon
Jerusalem Post

Senator Kit Bond, the ranking Republican on the US Senate’s Intelligence Committee, said Sunday “carrots” won’t work in getting Iran to stop its nuclear development.

Bond’s comments, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post during a 24-hour visit to Israel, came just a week after President-elect Barack Obama said in the US media that his administration would pursue a carrot-and-stick approach with Iran, offering Teheran economic incentives to discontinue its nuclear program, but if that failed, would focus on economic sanctions as sticks.

“Offering them carrots does nothing, talking about it is not effective. We need sanctions and full pressure,” Bond said. Asked if he thought Obama would do that, Bond said only, “I hope so; we will wait and see.”

The four-term senator, who also sits on the Senate Defense Committee’s appropriations sub-committee, has supported US appropriations of the Arrow anti-missile system. Asked whether he thought the anti-missile systems already in place, or being developed, would give Israel adequate protection if Iran decided to launch a missile, Bond said, “We’ve got to continue to improve it.”

Kit Bond

The Missouri senator said that “sanctions and anything else” are needed to be used to stop Iran from pursuing nuclearization.

Bond, who was in Israel Sunday meeting with defense and intelligence officials on a…

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