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Obama Wants To “Unclog Blocked Lending Arteries” — Here’s The Problem

March 17, 2009

A local news reader in Washington DC said this morning that President Obama wanted to “unclog blocked lending arteries.”

He also wants to overhaul health care, education, our energy system, solve the climate change issue, eliminate cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and apparantly, raise the dead.

But is there enough money?

The “unclog lending arteries” phrase gives us some ideas.

My friend went into the OR to have “one or two clogs in arteries” removed; a procedure expedted to take about one hour.  Thirteen hours later he came out — almost dead.  The doctor had removed more than 150 clots.  My friend has scars all over the place and couldn’t walk for weeks.

The reason the president should no go fast on health care, education, our energy system, and climate change, is this: we do not know our own economic health.

And more spending may not solve all our problems.  It may open a lot of new wounds also known as a can of worms or Pandora’s Box.

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