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Dogfighting Subculture Is Taking Hold in Texas

December 7, 2008

What got Atlanta Falcons NFL star Michael Vick into trouble and gained him hatred from all sorts of Americans is catching on in some places….


The two undercover agents were miles from any town, deep in the East Texas countryside, following a car carrying three dogfighting fanatics and a female pit bull known for ripping off the genitals of other dogs. A car trailed the officers with two burly armed guards, hired to protect the dog and a $40,000 wager.

By James C. McKinley Jr.
The New York Times

Above: An investigation into dogfights in East Texas took 17 months, and led to the seizing of 187 pit bulls and 55 indictments. Photo: Texas Department of Public Safety

When the owners of the opposing dog, a crew from Louisiana, got cold feet and took off, the men in the undercover agents’ party reacted with fury, offering to chase them down and kill them. The owner of the female pit bull, an American living in Mexico, was merciful. He decided to take the opposing dog and let the men live, the officers said.

Over 17 months, the agents from the Texas state police penetrated a murky and dangerous subculture in East Texas, a world where petty criminals, drug dealers and a few people with ordinary jobs shared a passion for watching pit bulls tear each other apart in a 12-foot-square pit.

Investigators found that dogfighting was on the rise in Texas and was much more widespread than they had expected. The ring broken up here had links to dogfighting….

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