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Gaza: Israel Worries About United Nations Binding Resolution

January 8, 2009

Senior Western and Arab diplomats continued a three-day-long push Thursday for a UN Security Council resolution  on Gaza, even as Israeli officials said they were leery of any action that would bind them but not Hamas.

Progress appeared slow, with Arab leaders and members of the American, British and French delegations shuttling back and forth among conference rooms  at UN headquarters in New York without stopping to speak with gathered reporters.

Jerusalem Post

A copy of the draft resolution circulated Thursday afternoon included language calling for an “immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire” and supporting the efforts by the Egyptians to broker a deal with Hamas. The British proposal also called for “arrangements and guarantees” to prevent illicit trafficking of arms into Gaza and to ensure the re-opening of crossings on the basis of the 2005 agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Arab negotiators were pushing for the addition of language calling for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and a lifting of the Israeli blockade on Gaza, both key sticking points.

Gaza: UN Passes Cease Fire Resolution; Now What as Day 14 Sees Action?

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