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Seoul Cracks Down on an Internet Financial Guru

January 24, 2009

South Korea might be one of the most wired places in the world, but it’s not necessarily the most Internet friendly. Park Dae Sung, 31, an unemployed blogger now finds himself in hot water for allegedly being “Minerva,” a web guru who posted his thoughts on the state of the economy and the government’s economic policies. Those thoughts generated huge attention in Korea, particularly following Minerva’s prediction that Lehman Brothers would fail. Those musings, however, have not sat well with Seoul. Now Park has been taken into custody by the government and, according to his lawyer, faces a maximum five-year prison sentence for allegedly spreading false information with the intention of harming or threatening public interest. Late last week, Park was denied bail.

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Mumbai attacks caps year for citizen journalism

December 16, 2008

NowPublic on Tuesday declared “crowd-powered” news reports of terrorist attacks in Mumbai as a climactic moment in a year in which citizen journalism proved its mettle.

The India tragedy heads a list of “Top 10 Moments In User-Generated News” determined by editors at the Vancouver-based startup.

“2008 not only proved the concept of user-generated news, but also tipped the scales,” said NowPublic co-founder and chief executive Leonard Brody.

“The pillars of mainstream media have all made significant efforts to embrace the new model.”


The validation of citizen journalism culminated last week when Pulitzer Prize organizers added an “Internet-only” news category for what is considered the most prestigious honor for reporters.

“In today’s highly wired and mobile world, everyone has a digital soapbox,” said NowPublic global news director Rachel Nixon.

“No longer the preserve of a few, crowd-powered media formats began to be widely used by anyone wanting to get their message out and connect.”

NowPublic’s Top 10 list includes reporting on natural disasters worldwide and crisis in Africa, as well as the effect of an online posting falsely reporting that Apple’s iconic chief executive Steve Jobs had a heart attack.

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China Arrests Dissident Over Online Petition

December 11, 2008

One of China’s most prominent human rights activists has been arrested after publication of an open letter to the government from hundreds of prominent Chinese intellectuals, according to his wife and a colleague. The document, published Tuesday on the Internet, proposes extensive political reform, including an end to one-party rule.

The unusually bold appeal, released a day before International Human Rights Day, has struck a discordant note here amid the Chinese government’s attempts to paint a picture of progress as the country prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its policy of reform and opening up.


By Lauren Keane
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, December 11, 2008; Page A18

Police arrested veteran dissident Liu Xiaobo, suspected of organizing the petition, late Monday at his Beijing home. His wife told reporters that several policemen had arrived with an arrest warrant about 11 p.m.; some took him away, she said, and the others stayed through the night to search the house and confiscate computers, books and other belongings.

Another prominent signer of the document, political theorist and activist Zhang Zuhua, was arrested and detained at the same time but was released the next morning after a lengthy interrogation, he said. His house was also searched and belongings confiscated. Zhang said Liu is being detained on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power.

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