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“Free Palestine” Turning into “Hate Jews” in Some Places; Activists Urged to Cool Off

January 31, 2009

Israel’s military action in Gaza opened an old wound one more time.  And few are in the middle of this issue: millions support the Palestinians with their every fiber and millions also stand with Israel.

Perhaps growing state support from Iran and others has fueled anger and hate.  Certainly Iran’s President Ahmadinejad and his statement that “The Zionist State [Israel] should be wiped from the map” is not helpful.

Last week after the BBC refused to air a charity appeal meant to raise money for displaced Gazans the network was the subject of intense criticism and protests — and Iran closed the BBC persian service in Tehran.

Now some are saying “enough is enough.”

In Britain, the National Union of Students is urging students to relent on their pro-Palestine protests which have become decidedly anti-Israeli and anti-Jew.

“The protesters need to find new ways to campaign vocally without causing disruption to students on campus” Wes Streeting, N.U.S. president, told CNN.

And Barack Obama has dispatched special envoy George Mitchell to the region to seek a lasting peace….

The CNN Report:

Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel; Isreal Threatens More Military Action

Protesters demonstrate in London against the BBC. The BBC is ... 
Protesters demonstrate in London against the BBC. The BBC is facing more pressure to broadcast a charity appeal for funds for people in Gaza, as the Archbishop of Canterbury joins the row and more than 50 MPs sign a motion condemning the move.(AFP/Frantzesco Kangaris)