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Psst. President Obama: Meet The White House Media

January 27, 2009

No President of the United States ever got to the White House following less media criticism and more respect, praise and adulation.

And no President of the United States ever looked more perplexed during his first week in office when the media appeared to be asking tough questions.

“Was there a bible at the swearing in do-over?”

“Why do Republics say your request for bipartisanship wasn’t genuine?”

And on and on.

Today, maybe the media caused President Obama to make a change in the stimulus bill….

Obama Calls Reversal, Asks Pelosi to Remove Family Planning, Contraception Funds from Stimulus

CNN’s Jack Cafferty probably said it best:


He spent three full days in office last week and in those 72 hours discovered a few things. The press room is where the press is, and if you don’t want the press to ask you questions, don’t go there.

If you’re going to ban lobbyists from working for you, you have to ban the one who used to lobby for Raytheon from working in your defense department as well.

Jack Cafferty

If you’re going to close Guantanamo, you have to have a plan for what to do with the inmates there. A couple of former ones have turned up in recent al Qaeda videos.

You can’t overturn President Bush’s executive order banning abortion funding for charitable groups overseas without incurring the wrath of anti-abortion groups in this country.

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