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Israel’s air force scored with intel, drone support; ‘Hamas is not Hizubllah’

January 10, 2009

The Center for Strategic and International Studies said the Israeli air force combined manned and unmanned aircraft to target and strike Hamas operatives and facilities throughout the Gaza Strip, Middle East Newsline reported.

The Washington-based center, said to be close to members of the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama, said the air force has eroded much of the Hamas command….

From World Tribune

Smoke trails of Israeli air force jets are seen above the southern ... 
Smoke trails of Israeli air force jets are seen above the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon January 3, 2009.REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL)

The report, authored by former Defense Department official Anthony Cordesman, said Israeli air strikes have eroded Hamas’s military command. Cordesman cited such air force targets as Hamas weapons tunnels, shelters and other facilities.

“The IAF may not be able to find and hit every target, and some tunnels and sheltered areas, but Hamas has clearly lost some key leaders and is losing most of its key facilities and much of its equipment,” the report said. “It may be able to fire limited numbers of rockets indefinitely into the future, but it will lose a significant amount of its weapons, as well as its training facilities and communications facilities.”

Cordesman said Hamas has failed to reach the military capabilities of the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah. The report said Hamas does not have the training, experience or the equipment of the Lebanese-based militia.

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Panel urges Obama to consider hacker-response plan

December 8, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama should create a new White House office to protect cyberspace from hackers, thieves and foreign agents, coordinating security efforts across U.S. military, intelligence and civilian agencies, according to a new report from a panel of leading government and industry experts.

The report, expected to be made public Monday on Capitol Hill, also urges Obama’s new administration and Congress to pass new laws to allow for speedier investigations — and in some cases quicker retaliation once intruders are identified. It proposed online “data warrants,” for example, rather than traditional search warrants, which it said “may be increasingly impracticable in the online environment.”

The official website of Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian President

The official website of Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian President, was under external control since shortly before Russia’s armed intervention last August

Chances are good Obama will be receptive to many of the proposals: At least five members of the panel that produced the report also are working for his presidential transition team. They include former White House official Paul Kurtz, advising Obama on national security matters, and Obama technology advisers Dan Chenok and Bruce McConnell.

“Responding to a cyber attack is a tough issue,” said James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think-tank that organized the commission. “Do operators respond with law enforcement, espionage or military actions? The guidelines are really unclear. The rules designed in the 1980s are slow, and the Internet is fast.”

–Associated Press

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