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London: Forces are guarding the Thames to avert Mumbai-style raid

December 6, 2008

Security on the River Thames has been stepped up to try to prevent a Mumbai-style terrorist attack on London, Boris Johnson says in an interview with The Times today.

The Mayor of London says that the Royal Navy and the Special Boat Service are guarding the capital against the threat of an assault from the river.

Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, London - September 2006-2.jpg
“Big Ben” in London

The Times has also been told that measures are already being intensified in readiness for the London Olympics in 2012 and are being studied further as part of the review of strategy that has followed the attacks in India.


In the interview, Mr Johnson says: “There is a great deal of work going on. There certainly are extensive preparations to stop a Mumbai-style operation on the Thames. They have thought all that through. There is substantial organisation to guard against the possibility of some sort of riparian assault.”

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