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India Looks Great on the Outside; Work Needed on the Inside

January 1, 2009

India has not developed as the West did: slowly, systematically; first getting railroads right, then cars, then planes; first bringing drinking water and toilets to people, then figuring out how to bring them Wi-Fi. No: India prefers Last Things First.

Indian engineers are so sophisticated that Airbus has outsourced to them the building of certain airplane doors. But Indians have yet to build doors for their own commuter trains in Mumbai, which carry millions of people every day and kill hundreds of them every year simply because they have no door.

From the International Herald Tribune

India has become an automotive powerhouse, with a single company, Tata Motors, producing both the world’s cheapest car and the expensive Jaguar brand. But it has yet to teach the people in those cars to wear seat belts and stay on their own side of the road.

India roars ahead in education. Its Indian Institutes of Technology are among the world’s best engineering schools, and it is building more. Which is good news for everyone – except the millions of schoolchildren who could never dream of getting in, since their teachers are absent, their textbooks arrive months after school begins and they “graduate” unable to read, write or add.

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