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Lawmaking by Stampede Made the Stimulus, Now We’ll Tax ‘Bonuses’ the Stimulus Allowed?

March 19, 2009

Buckaroo Barney Frank is leading the newest stampede in the House of Representatives, talking up a 90% tax on “bonuses” paid to big execs.

Isn’t he the guy that should have warned us about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the recession?  Isn’t he the guy that stampeded many to create the rapid fire stimulus?  Isn’t his stimulus the law that legalized the AIG bonuses — the same bonuses he offers to tax at 90%?

And who is leading the Senate in the stampede?  Amnesia Dodd: who couldn’t recall, in fact denied, knowing the source of the mystery stimulus language saying bonuses were OK.

Judas Dodd, who has benefitted most from AIG living in his neighborhood and then threw them under the bus, is the wrangler about to head up the cattle drive to stampede the senate, we suspect, on the conficatory tax cattle drive.

“Lawmakers” run amuk.  They must be eating too much trail dust and drinking too much Obama water.

Holy Cow!  Holy Cow Manure….

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