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I Wonder What Illegal Immigrants Cost?

March 26, 2009

I wonder what the United States spends on illegal immigrants: in health care, food stamps, housing, et al?

I wonder what we spend on border patrol, ICE and the rest?  I wonder what the total of all of America’s criminal courts money, police and prison expenses go to illegal aliens?

 I wonder how many American citizens are killed, raped or harmed by illegals every year?

Nancy Pelois might say it is un-American for me to ask these questions and I must be a racist.  But I feel I have the right and duty to ask; as many of my ancestors (all, in fact) were immigrants (legally), my religious advisor and priest is from the Ukraine (legally) and my wife and her family are all here legally from Vietnam….

I wonder what it has cost the taxpayers to have the president’s aunt a ‘guest’ here all these years?

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