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Obamelation: Some Israelis Worry, Fear “Messianic Fervor” of “Obama’s Media”

January 25, 2009

It’s good when Americans, especially top American political leaders and the media that follows them, recall reality now and again.  Israel is not the 51st state of the USA; and it is good for Israelis to remember that too….


If not for the fact that the words running along the bottom of the screen during Tuesday evening’s broadcast were in Hebrew, one might have mistaken Channel 10 for an American network.

ByRuthie Blum Leibowitz  
Jerusalem Post

Factoids about previous inaugurations flowed through the “ticker tape,” as though prepping the public for a pop quiz on the  history of our noble nation. The trouble is that, as noble a nation as the United States is (something all local newscasters suddenly discovered, as soon as it became clear that a Democrat would be occupying the Oval Office), it is nevertheless not ours. No matter how crucial its moves on the world stage are to Israel’s survival and well-being, the US is a foreign country. And it would have been treated as such by the local media had John McCain won the election on November 4.
Indeed, the local media’s anxious awaiting of the arrival of the Great Black Hope on the proverbial white donkey has been so unbridled that they could be as appropriate as their American counterparts for parody in an apt cartoon by Dana Summers in the Orlando Sentinel. In it, a group of screaming fans flinging panties at Barack Obama is reproached by a policeman. “Stop throwing your underwear at him, and make way for the media,” he scolds.

A woman responds by flashing her press card at him. “We are the media,” she says.

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President, and retired military
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The messianic fervor surrounding the meteoric rise of the charismatic candidate, who virtually swiped a seemingly surefire victory in the Democratic primaries from Hillary Clinton – as if out from under her – is the stuff for psychoanalysts and future historians to sift through and sort out.

That most of the American media made this possible on the one hand, and were as affected by it as the voters on the other, is not the least bit surprising. Even revolutionaries must grow weary of lugging around all those heavy protest banners. And even leftists long for leaders they can love. To them, Hillary would have certainly been better than any – gasp! – Republican. She, at least, could have assuaged the anger felt by all those females whose fear of chipping a nail makes it difficult for them to break through the glass ceiling they claim is preventing their promotions.

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