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Obama Can’t Say ‘Poverty’? Some Wonder Why?

December 14, 2008

Believers in John Edwards are urging President-elect Barack Obama to forgive the former presidential candidate’s indiscretions and consider him for an administration post or at least elevate Mr. Edwards’ signature issue of poverty.

Friends, former aides and even the Virginia man whom Mr. Edwards made central to his fight for universal health care say the Democrat should be given another chance.

Mr. Edwards vanished from politics over the summer after he acknowledged having an extramarital affair. His wife, Elizabeth, had been going through a public battle with cancer. The former senator from North Carolina went from being on the shortlist for a vice-presidential pick or Cabinet post within the Obama circle to persona non grata.

The Washington Times

But some lament that when he disappeared, so did the issues he championed, despite early promises from Mr. Obama to embark on a poverty tour and push the issue on the campaign trail.

“The word ‘poverty’ has not been used since John Edwards dropped out,” said Jonathan Tasini, executive director of the Labor Research Association.

Mr. Obama emphasized the state of the economy during his campaign and promised to help the middle class, but he never specifically pushed the issue of poverty.

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