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Government Picks Winners, Losers, Calls Other Shots and Pays The Bills: Happy Now?

December 9, 2008

The president of General Motors has to go.

So say Barack Obama and Christopher Dodd.

And their combined business exerience is?  ZERO.

Never mind that stockowners and a board of directors have called the shots for more than 6 decades.

Once you accept government money: you are trapped into accepting further government “oversight.”

This is how it works in places like China and Russia: where real free market economies have not existed in recent memory or are merely experiments.

U.S. lawmakers Barney Frank, left, and Nancy Pelosi, right, speaking at a news conference on the proposed bailout of the U.S. automakers on Monday. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Like it or not, the “global economic downturn” of 2008 will change one nation more than any other on earth: the United States.  Because the lesson being learned and the government actions growing from the election of Barack Obama and the dismal economic news is this: Wall Street and every company represented there can no longer be trusted to manage itself.  And since Main Street is suffering our Big Daddy Government has to take “appropriate” action.

It’s your vote and your money and your elected representatives in Congress calling the shots now…..

I heard a congresswoman interviewed on the radio this week opine that she could make a lot of money needed for things like the automobile company bail-out  by cutting the military; especially aircraft carriers and Air Force tankers.  I have a lot of questions about such quick thinking, the least of which is: do we want the future America to have an international role or not?


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Here may be some examples of Big Government in other lands…..

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