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Surge in Zimbabwe cholera deaths

December 15, 2008

Just last week, the government of Zimbabwe said at one point that its cholera epidemic was caused by the West and then said there was no more cholera in Zimbabwe.  Now we learn that the epidemic is growing….


The United Nations says 978 people have now been killed by the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, an increase of 25% from the last figure given three days ago.

The UN’s office for humanitarian affairs says 18,413 suspected cases have been reported across the country since the outbreak began in August.

The disease has spread quickly as the health care and water systems have collapsed amid a long political crisis.

Cholera patient being treated in Harare - 10/12/2008

South Africa’s Red Cross is rushing much-needed medicine to Zimbabwe

Last week, President Robert Mugabe said the spread of cholera had been halted.

The UN’s Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the worst-hit area was the capital, Harare, with 208 confirmed deaths and 8,454 suspected cases.

The South African Red Cross has sent much-needed medical supplies to Zimbabwe, and has issued an appeal for funds to treat a total of 30,000 people.

The UN has said it estimates up to 60,000 people may eventually be affected.

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Zimbabwe: Cholera introduced by West

December 13, 2008

The Zimbabwean government on Saturday accused the West of deliberately starting the country’s cholera epidemic, stepping up a war of words with the regime’s critics as the humanitarian crisis deepened.

The state-run Herald newspaper said comments by the U.S. ambassador that the U.S. had been preparing for the outbreak raised suspicions the West had waged “serious biological chemical war.”

Zimbabwean officials often blame their country’s troubles on the West. Their stranglehold on most sources of news to which ordinary Zimbabweans have access makes such rhetoric an important tool for a regime struggling to hold onto power.

Associated Press

A young boy prepares to drink clean water from a borehole in ... 
A young boy prepares to drink clean water from a borehole in Harare, Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008. President Robert Mugabe declared that Zimbabwe’s cholera crisis was over Thursday, even as the United Nations raised the death toll from the epidemic to 783. Cholera has spread rapidly in the southern African nation because of the country’s crumbling health care system and the lack of clean water. The U.N. said 16,403 cases have been reported.(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

After the first cholera cases, U.S. and other aid workers braced for the waterborne disease to spread quickly in an economically ravaged country where the sewage system and medical care have collapsed. Zimbabwe also faces a hunger crisis, the world’s highest inflation and shortages of both the most basic necessities and the cash to buy them.

President Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe has said the West was plotting to use cholera to invade

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