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Mayors, Governors of Both Parties Favor Stimulus (Surprised?)

February 4, 2009

“It’s time to stop the bickering and start the tough negotiating to get this bill out to ensure that the American people in our cities get the relief that they need right now.”

That quote is from Los Angeles, California, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat.

Most of America’s mayors and governors want the stimulus and they want it now.

Mayors and governors wanting more federal money should be no surprise to anyone.

The stimulus is a gold mine of money for mayors and governors that don’t have to raise taxes to pay for the goodies the stimulus might buy and they have no requirement to repay the federal money.

Giving federal money to mayors and governors is like giving away Christmas presents — few strings are attached.

No surprise that both Democratic and Republican mayors and governors like money with no strings and no re-payment plan.

The case in Vermont is pretty much the case everywhere else.

“As the executive of a state experiencing budget challenges, [Vermont] Gov. Douglas has a different perspective on the situation than congressional Republicans,” said Douglas’ deputy chief of staff, Dennise Casey.

Yup.  Vermont needs money.  The Feds have money.  And Vermont wants to have it “no strings attached.”

But there is some concern that giving away money could be like giving away cocaine: the user never wants to stop.

The U.S. Senate has some worries the average mayor and governor may not stay awake  thinking over.

The Senate does worry that the money give-away will become addictive, even though the president himself said it had to be stimulating and “temporary.”

The Senate will also have to figure how to repay the loans that will finance the stimulus — which will cause a huge increase to the national debt which may cause inflation and other problems.

The Senate also has to come up for the cash for lots of other goodies like social security, health care, defense and on and on.

Mayors and governors are users here: so its a a non-story that they favor the stimulus.  We just don’t want them to become junkies….

Most of the mayors and governors are also Democrats, just as most members of the House and Senate are Democrats.  And the president is a Democrat swept into the White House by a big margin.  So what we have in the stimulus is the very danger of a one-party dominant American system….come true….

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi listens to National Governors Association chairman Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, second from right, during a meeting with National Governors Association vice chairman Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, left, and Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., right, on Capitol Hill. Photo: Susan Walsh / AP