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Pastor Obama Continues With Holy Stimulus, But The Congregation Isn’t Buying

February 13, 2009

Minister in Chief Barack Obama’s high sounding “hope” has crashed to earth.  When he realized that the economy was even worse than he first thought, he called it a “catastrophe.”

And it is a catastrophe for millions of workers across the nation and the world who have lost or who will still lose their jobs.

But now the optimism of Obama crashes into the reality.

And even his famed ability to excite a crowd is no longer enough.

The congregation is walking out.

At a stump-style gathering at a Caterpillar plant in East Peoria, Ill., reporters said the disillusionment in the crowd was palpable.

Like a minister before a flock disgruntled, or the coach before an 0-11 team, Obama couldn’t really excite, inspire or be totally truthful.

At the end of the event and away from the crowd, Caterpiller Chief Executive Jim Owens said, “The reality is we’ll probably have to have more layoffs before we can start hiring again.” he said.

More darkness before redemption.

And that CEO’s assesssment is now widespread if not universal.

Caterpillar says it pays $100,000 in tariffs on each piece of heavy equipment it exports to Columbia, because the U.S. Congresss has failed to pass the free trade agreement….

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