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Obama takes blame in Daschle, Killefer controversy

February 4, 2009

Barack Obama on Tuesday abruptly abandoned his nomination fight for Tom Daschle and a second major appointee who failed to pay all their taxes, fearing a lingering ethics dispute would undercut his claims to moral high ground and cripple his presidency in just its second week. “I screwed up,” Obama declared.

“It’s important for this administration to send a message that there aren’t two sets of rules — you know, one for prominent people and one for ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes,” Obama said near the end of a day of jarring developments, little more than 24 hours after he had said he was “absolutely” committed to Daschle’s confirmation.

“I’m frustrated with myself, with our team. … I’m here on television saying I screwed up,” Obama said on NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams.” He repeated virtually the same words in interviews with other TV anchors.

By JENNIFER LOVEN, AP White House Correspondent

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Daschle Badly Hurt Obama, Universal Health Care — No Matter the Reason, There’s No Excuse

Daschle Badly Hurt Obama, Universal Health Care — No Matter the Reason, There’s No Excuse

February 3, 2009

We’ve heard it all.  Daschle was greedy and wanted to be rich.  Daschle was too busy to get into his tax details.  Daschle had no idea.

It doesn’t matter.

Daschle wounded his president and friend.  That matters.

And he will end up causing a delay in the administration’s plan to gain for Americans universal health care.

That really matters.

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) called the Daschle caper “awkward, embarrassing and troublesome.”

But we still have 3 years and 350 some days left in this Obama term for health care, right?

Time is not important, right?

Bill and Hillary Clinton thought that after Hillary’s closed-door health care reform try years ago.  They could never get a second shot at the piñata.

Barack Obama said the stimulus was an economic necessity — a burning emergency.

By rushing, Obama has settled for a Nancy Pelosi rush job in the House of Representative: a badly bloated and pork-filled monster few can embrace.

After all the “withdrawals” (read resignations under fire) and the stimulus debacle, universal health care may be just too hard to swallow, given that it now has no administration point man and probably won’t for a month or so.

Ed Rollins has an essay on CNN under the headline, “Daschle Did The Honorable Thing.”

That’s Ed’s opinion — and it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the harm Daschle has caused for whatever the reason.  That matters — and Daschle will forever be diminished.

So blindfold Barack, spin him around, and have him designate a new HHS chief.

He’ll do better than he did on his first try with Daschle.


 Democratic Senator Calls Resignations from Obama Team “Awkward, Embarrassing, Troublesome”

Again We Watch Spellbound At Personal Disaster: This Time Rod Blagojevich

December 12, 2008

Sunday he was a freewheeling, vocal, profane, daring Governor — one of only 50 men and women currently serving that had achieved that distinction.  Today he is disgraced, charged with high crimes, and the Supreme Court of Illinois has been asked to declare him unfit to serve.

His marriage may be unwinding and his friends, if he ever had any real friends, are likely gone.  He was visited this week by a group of churchmen: undoubtedly there was a call to God and some fear of suicide.

We watch in a kind of mixture of horror, amusement and concern.  Twenty-four hour news allows even the day shift to watch at night and the night shift to watch by day.  It is human drama: the best kind.  And much of it is live.

And it breaks some hearts and others shout: “GOOD!  He deserved this!”

Rod Blagojevich, it seems to me, is a kind of everyman.  He didn’t go to Harvard and had none of the blessings of many others.  He married well but he crossed his wife’s father which tripped him up.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested this week on federal corruption charges.

Above: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested this week on federal corruption charges.

But he was more blue jeans than Brooks Brothers.  He said he’d stand up for the union men and women because he was just like them.  But then he betrayed their trust and now will suffer consequences.

And he got in over his head: consumed, it seems, with greed and self.  His ego, in the end, did him in.  His ego and his mouth: both immense liabilities.

If he ever had ethics and admirable character traits, if he ever had integrity; he gave them away or lost them or both. 

And he seems to have had no fear and no regard for his own safety and the happiness of his family: he even goaded the FBI and the Feds about recording his phone calls, saying he only spoke the truth.  Which was a lie.

One wonders what his children will think?  And will he ever regain their trust and admiration?

He doesn’t seem to deserve our hate or admiration.  Rather; he is pitiable and bereft of qualities that earn anger or love, it seems.  Barack Obama almost said he felt sorry for the man, a remark I at first misunderstood.  Now I feel the same way myself.

Rod Blagojavich will make a plea or he’ll go to prison for a long time, where he’ll undoubtedly be abused and suffer both mental and physical anguish.

In any event, he is finished working as a lawyer and a politician, it seems, his family life is in disarray and dismay, perhaps damaged beyond repair.  And he must set a new course of some kind and get on with life.  That’s a challenge he doesn’t seem ready to accept: and that makes him even more pitiable indeed.