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Hamas Nearing Agreement on Cease Fire

January 4, 2009

Head of the Shin Bet General Security Services Yuval Diskin told a cabinet meeting Sunday that Hamas had eased its demands on a cease-fire with Israel, nine days after a IDF operation in Gaza began.

“There are signs that Hamas has softened their stance towards the conditions of a cease fire,” Diskin said.

From Haaretz

Head of IDF Military Intelligence General Amos Yadlin also addressed the meeting and gave an assessment of the Gaza operation’s progress.

“The organization [Hamas] took a serious blow, we killed hundreds of terrorists and damaged their ability to build weaponry,” Yadlin said.

Yadlin also addressed the standing of Hamas in the Palestinian populace and throughout the world, saying that serious criticism of the organization is on the rise.

“Hamas has made itself an object of hatred in the world and the region, casting themselves amongst the lepers of the world, with Iran and Syria,” Yadlin said.

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