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Wall Street Journal: “Geithner Incapacitated;” President Voices Support

March 21, 2009

We haven’t even heard the Sunday morning talk shows and already the noice calling for the firing of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is rising to a crescendo.

“Geithner is incapacitaed,” said Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal.  “Too many politicians care calling for him to be fired and he’s in too deep over AIG.”

James Freeman of the WSJ agreed, calling Geithner the “architect of the AIG fiasco.”

The two appeared on Fox News today.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to voice support for Geithner.

Obama Talks Too Much: Time For Action
(Fire Geithner)


From The Washington Post:

President Barack Obama stepped up his weeklong defense of much-criticized Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, saying he would not accept his resignation even if it was tendered.

It came ahead of a critical week for Geithner, who is expected to unveil his much-anticipated bank bailout plan and outline broad financial regulatory reforms to better police Wall Street within days.

Obama said in an interview with CBS television network’s “60 Minutes” program that if Geithner tried to quit, he would tell him, “Sorry buddy, you’ve still got the job.”

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