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Iran Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza

December 30, 2008

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran is asking the International Criminal Court to bring to justice Israeli leaders for the war crimes they perpetrated in Gaza for four days running.

He said that Iran would follow up a fair solution to the ongoing human crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The president made the remarks while talking to reporters on the sidelines of a Majlis session during which he presented a bill on economic development to MPs.

Expressing shock and grief at massacre of defenseless people including women and children and blocking food supplies and medicine to Gaza Strip, he said Iran’s policy is based on political and spiritual support for the Palestinian nation.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran would earnestly pursue trial of the Israeli leaders at the United Nations Court specialized in war crimes.

Ahmadinejad reiterated that leaders of the Tel Aviv regime must be punished and put on trial for committing crimes against humanity in Gaza.