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Gaza: Hamas Issues Chilling Warnings, Israel Readies “Invasion” Day 8

January 3, 2009

“As for you, the soldiers of the enemy whose leadership are getting you ready to enter Gaza in a ground attack, you need to know that doom will await you and you will be killed, injured and captured,” Meshaal, speaking in Syria, told Al Jazeera television network Friday. “If the enemy got into Gaza, our people will fight from one street to the next, from one house to the other, and on every inch of the land.”

This is day eight of the open hostilities and air attacks between Hamas and Israel in and around Gaza.

The question that now remains is: Will there be Israeli troops and tanks entering Gaza soon?

The Israeli government has said the airstrikes, aimed at stopping Hamas from firing rockets into southern Israel, are only the beginning of a wider military operation.

Israel has moved tanks to the outskirts of Gaza and called up at least 2,000 army reservists.
A United Nations agency said the civilian death toll in Gaza was over 25 percent of the total killed in the violence. A leading Palestinian human rights group put it at 40 percent.

Israel made a big show during the last few days of allowing humanitarian supplies into Gaza and removing neutral civilians from Gaza….
Gaza is now a disaster area, with sewage sytems opened and the risk of disease on the rise.

The Haaretz Newspaper said, “According to sources from the defense establishment, decision-makers are increasingly inclined to order a ground invasion into Gaza.”

All the Israeli troops and tanks need is the order to “pull the trigger.”

The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson’s office said in a statement: “The IDF will continue to attack any target used for terrorist activity, and will not hesitate to strike those involved in terrorism against the citizens of the State of Israel, even if they deliberately choose to operate from locations of religious or cultural significance.”


Terrorists Attack Media, Internet: Call For YouTube Jihad Invasion

December 4, 2008

A jihadist forum has urged supporters to wage a “YouTube Invasion” by uploading propaganda videos to the popular video-sharing website, the SITE Intelligence Group has claimed.

The Telegraph (UK)

The US-based monitoring service said that the call was made last week by a member who called himself Omar Abdul Hakim on al-Faloja, a password-protected jihadist forum.

Those wishing to wage jihad should use the popular Google-owned website “to shame the crusaders by publishing clips of videos showing their losses,” Mr Hakim wrote.

Taj Mahal Hotel
Above: Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is now a symbol of terrorism.
Associated Press

“The members of YouTube number in the thousands of millions, and most of them are the filthiest and most dangerous people on earth,” Mr Hakim wrote, noting that it is even used by US President-Elect Barack Obama.

“Brothers, let us go to work and invade. I ask you, by Allah, as soon as you read this subject, to start recording on YouTube, and to start cutting and uploading and posting clips on the jihadist, Islamic, and general forums.”

The forum member included step-by-step instructions on how to post videos on YouTube and what software to use to cut clips into 10-minute sequences.

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